14-05-2021 | Company News

Venice Boat Show, the International fair for the nautical sector, is coming back for a second edition offering a full agenda of meetings and events and novelties: an exhibition lasting nine days with more than 220 boats displayed and more than 160 exhibitors gathering together, surrounded by the fascinating buildings of the Arsenale old areas in town.

This 2021 edition will also be the prominent stage where AS Labruna will present to the public “E-Vision”, its most recent business unit focused on sustainable propulsion systems such as hybrid engines and electrical engines, both designed to provide a more and more advanced future navigation experience, combining first-class performances and the utmost respect for the environment.

The “E-Vision” business unit includes three engine classes: Full Electric, a robust and entirely electrical system, characterized by eco-friendly navigation, outstanding performances and low noise and vibration levels; Hybrid System, a range of diesel-electric solutions to navigate by experiencing impressive performances and reduced smoke and pollutant emissions; Fuel Cell, the latest propulsion systems based on hydrogen and methanol, providing zero impact on the environment.

During the exhibition, AS Labruna will use a gozzo, a small typical boat for work and pleasure applications, equipped with a 100% electrical engine to join the “E-REGATTA”, the first boat race for electrical, hybrid and fuel cell units organized by Venice Assonautica, Motonautica Venice Association, VeniceAgenda2028, Venti di Cultura and IWI-Inland Waterways International. All participants will engage in endurance, speed and agility competitions.

The Venice Boat Show is organized by VELA SPA on behalf of Venice Municipality in cooperation with the Italian Navy and with the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo towns.

This second edition of the event will be centered on specific themes linked with environmental sustainability, focusing on electrical and hybrid engines as well as on sailing boats. A special novelty this year will be represented by a 96 meters-long platform dedicated to sailing boats from the most prestigious shipyards and to the motor yacht with boats featuring a length ranging from 15 to 40 meters.

Great expectations are in the air for this unmissable event, as history and future will gather together within the same fascinating setting in the centre of the lagoonal town. It’s right here that AS Labruna is going to act as leading performer to present a very specific idea of navigation for the future: a coming future where boats and yachts do not create any negative impact on the sea environment. A future where sustainability and traffic can live together in a balanced way for the ecosystem.

You are welcome to visit our booth at Piazzale della Campanella!

Do you want to join us at the Venice Boat Show? Please email us at and we will send you an invitation to this second edition of the event.