The Innovative Kit for Zero-Emission Navigation

04-10-2023 | Company News

A new kit, the HK5, has been developed to electrify recreational and professional boats with internal combustion engines and shaftline transmissions in a simple and efficient manner. This kit enables boats to navigate silently and with zero emissions using electric power. "We have evolved the previous solutions, further simplifying the application and optimizing cooling and electronics. The kit includes a belt transmission that adapts the propeller to the electric motor's power, ensuring efficient power utilization. The belt is designed to be super quiet, enhancing onboard comfort during navigation. The pulley can be installed between the inverter and the shaftline, simplifying retrofitting on existing boats. The electric motor and controller are water-cooled through a closed circuit and a freshwater/seawater heat exchanger. This cooling system allows for extended usage without overheating, even under full load. Operating parameters can be monitored on a dedicated touchscreen panel or via mobile devices, even remotely. The lithium batteries used can be extended to increase electric navigation autonomy. A "Gold" version with high-performance and lightweight 7 kWh batteries is available. During diesel engine operation, the kit can recharge the batteries in just 40 minutes. The kit is available in different power options: 5 kW and 10 kW at 48 V and 20 kW at 96 V. These solutions have been developed and tested through national and international competitions, demonstrating high performance and reliability," said Massimo Labruna, CEO of AS Labruna.