Innovation and customisation, the key words to success.

Thanks to the highly skilled and sectoral grounding, the AS team complements its expertise by offering after-sales fast and highly specialised services: it avails itself of the status of authorised service for FPT, VM motori and Volvo Penta in the Marine and Power sectors, and Ing. Bonfiglioli in the Loading sector.
AS Labruna runs a network throughout the whole of Southern Italy, the Balkans and Northern Africa, guaranteeing an 8 hours contact time and a 16 hours intervention time.  The network personnel is subject to constant training courses and exams in order to test its learning level and operational ability.

Each sector undergoes semi-annual audits and improvement plans in order to ensure professionalism and an excellent service. Each client is followed step by step until fully satisfied: AS disposes of a Technical Department dedicated to the changes made to products and able to work with the most sophisticated design and calculation information system tools.
A careful and fundamental innovative development which characterises the company and that is attested by the many collaborations with prestigious Universities and engineering companies specialised in the lifting and diesel engines sectors.

By the client’s side with accessories and after-sales services.

The As Labruna team carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, in every business unit: as for the Marine and Power sectors, full overhauls with tests are carried out at the RINA bench; the Loading area undergoes periodical, vicennial and extraordinary revisions.
Spare parts and accessories are always at the client’s disposal. For the Power sector, AS disposes of: engine spare parts (FPT, VM, Volvo Penta), couplers and clutchs (Tecnodrive, Transfluid), gears (ZF), silencers, engine control panels and electrogen groups control panels, soundproof hoods, hydraulic components (Rexroth, Linde, Casappa), vibration dampers, fuel tanks, radiators and heat exchangers, P.T.O.

AS has at disposal for the Marine unit: spare parts for engines (FPT, VM, Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Cummins, Caterpillar, FNM, Lombardini), inverters (Tecnodrive, Twin Disc, ZF, Rentjes), sea water pumps (Forani&Pecorari, Ancor, Sherwood), heat exchangers and intercoolers (Bowman, Alpha Laval, Scam), control handles (Flexball, Morse, Ultraflex,ZF), couplings (Vulkan, Centa), fuel pre-filter (Racor), fittings (Guidi), steel and plastic silencers (Vetus), control panels (San Giorgio SEIN, Pine), vibration dampers (Metalastik, Ormant). As for the Loading area, AS uses: Ing. Bonfiglioli cranes spare parts, personnel baskets, outriggers, radio controls, heat exchangers, hydraulic components (Rexroth, Linde, Casappa).

Specialized expertise and qualified technical advice.

Design and technical advice: AS Labruna has a technical office constantly engaged in research and development, able to guarantee the use of the most sophisticated technologies in every sector of the company. Diesel engines, electrogen groups, platforms and cranes: every area is run to offer highly skilled and sectoral design services, able to meet all requirements.

The company’s technical office, with the aid of the most sophisticated design and calculation information system tools, pursues the optimization and efficiency of every process: a costant innovation which helps to solve all changes or updating of products in a timely, thorough and personal manner. An attention to avant-garde and technology development also certified by numerous collaborations with the most prestigious Universities and engineering companies, specialised in the lifting and diesel engines sectors.

Three strategic action areas.

Innovation in command

AS Labruna MARINE: a Business Unit dedicated to marine engines and electrogen groups, Hydropack propulsion systems.
Full steam ahead: by your side out at sea.


Beating heart of the machine

AS Labruna POWER: a Business Unit dedicated to agricultural and industrial diesel engines and to electrogen groups.
The beating heart in agriculture and industry.


Up to the job

AS Labruna LOADING: a Business Unit dedicated to cranes, loaders and aerial platforms.
Elevation and Power in aerial work.


Earth safe inspired

E-Vision AS Labruna is born, a business unit that embodies our nautical vision of the future: Full Electric line, Hybrid System, Fuel Cell.