Italian FNM Marine Diesel Engine Network

10-04-2024 | Company News

AS Labruna outlines the future of the FNM Sales & Service network with an educational and informative event in Fiumicino. Fiumicino, February 2, 2024 - AS Labruna, a pioneer in the organization of Sales & Service networks, has once again orchestrated an exclusive event at the Hotel Tiber, uniting professionals from across the entire FNM network. This gathering provided a unique opportunity to explore key issues vital for the network's expansion. The focus of the discussions was product development, with a special emphasis on sustainability. AS Labruna and FNM are committed to leading change by incorporating environmental criteria into the design and production phases, aiming to deliver innovative and eco-friendly solutions such as the BHS and HK hybrid kits. The sessions conducted a thorough analysis of operational procedures, highlighting AS Labruna's ongoing dedication to ensuring a premium level of service in Italy. By adopting cutting-edge methodologies, the company strives to exceed customer expectations, building a firm foundation for loyalty. Throughout the event, new promotional campaigns were also introduced, targeting specific offers for engines and spare parts. AS Labruna unveiled innovative strategies to pique market interest and fortify its competitive edge, emphasizing the significance of long-term vision. Participants had the chance to interact, exchange ideas and experiences, fostering valuable synergy within the FNM Sales & Service community. AS Labruna expressed gratitude for the contributions of all attendees and reiterated its commitment to being a benchmark for innovation and excellence in the nautical landscape. The event concluded with the acknowledgment that AS Labruna, through initiatives like this one, will continue to shape the industry's future, promoting fruitful collaborations and sustainable solutions.