Excellence in the European Service Network with Record-Breaking Response and Repair Times

10-04-2024 | Company News

The AS Labruna Service Network for FPT Industrial receives top marks in Europe for 2023. Naples, February 17, 2024 - The AS Labruna/FPT Industrial service network celebrated a significant achievement during the meeting held yesterday, February 16, 2024, at the Palazzo Esedra in Naples. With an impressive performance, the network of authorized workshops coordinated by the Apulian Dealer achieved the highest score within the FPT Industrial network in Europe for service efficiency in 2023, with arrival times under 2 hours and repair times of about 7 hours. For years, AS Labruna and FPT Industrial have been on a journey of digitizing Service & Maintenance activities, and on this occasion, each authorized workshop was provided with a case called Remote Master, customized with special tools requested by the Apulian distributor. These tools, including a differential manometer, thermometer, high-voltage multimeter, low-voltage multimeter, endoscope, and thermal camera, can be remotely monitored, thus connecting the on-site operator with the AS Labruna competence center to improve the quality and speed of service. CEO Massimo Labruna emphasized the importance of pre- and post-sale service quality as a key to market penetration. The meeting paid special attention to connected services, such as the my FPT App, RAS (Remote Assistance Service), Telematics, and warranty extension. The event, with the participation of FPT Industrial, was an opportunity to award the Best Customer Service for the best result in terms of turnover, Best Performance for the service point that achieved the best KPIs in terms of arrival, repair times, non-recurrence of interventions, and customer satisfaction, and finally, the Best Partnership award to the structure that distinguished itself for the greatest collaboration in terms of opening new businesses. The success of the AS Labruna/FPT Industrial Sales & Service network continues to confirm the commitment and excellence in providing superior quality services in the industry.