of hybrid and full-electric propulsion

(We saved 4.875.000 Kg of CO2)

(Data updated to 31/12/2022)


Earth safe inspired.

E-Vision AS Labruna is born, a business unit that embodies our nautical vision of the future. E-vision embraces marine engines that can guarantee high performance with zero environmental impact, such as the Full Electric line, featuring 100% electric propulsion; the Hybrid Systems, for hybrid sailing both diesel and electric, and Fuel Cells offering hydrogen and methanol combustion.

Our E-vision is to pursue performance and environmental respect for the seas every day. We navigate towards a greener future that is closer and closer where vessels have no harmful impact on the sea and where sustainability and mobility coexist in balance in the ecosystem.


100% electric propulsion for cleaner seas.

Here at AS Labruna, we believe in a more sustainable future where performance and respect for the environment coexist in the same engine. This idea of the future starts now: this is why we chose to distribute marine engines that are 100% electric.

This innovative electric propulsion systems, available in a variety of models and powers, can be installed on a range of different vessels sailing on lakes, rivers or seas. Speed, performance and reliability for a green mobility that is more respectful of the environment.


The kit that turns a conventional vessel into an electric one.

The HK – HYBRID & FULL ELECTRIC KIT turns a regular inboard engine vessel with a shaft line into an electric one that can sail at low speed, whether for passenger transport or leisure. It is a versatile solution that can be installed in no time with the vessel in the water, thanks to a patented pulley that attaches to the shaft line without disassembling it.

When the vessel is sailing with the traditional engine, regeneration mode is optional, so it will be possible to recharge the batteries to extend the range of electric sailing.


The future of sailing starts from the hybrid systems.

Clean seas is a goal that we pursue every day. It embodies our vision of the future. Hybrid systems are a perfect innovative idea: our Hydropack Hybrid, the new integrated marine engine propulsion system designed by our AS engineers, and Blue Hybrid System, created and designed by CMD, are the practical answer to all sailing needs while respecting our seas using diesel-electric solutions.

Lower consumptions, lower greenhouse gas emissions and smoke, less vibrations and noise are just a few of the advantages offered by these hybrid systems: full steam ahead, without giving up on power.


Performance and safety for the good of the sea.

Zero greenhouse gas emissions, no vibrations and no noise: marine engines fuelled by Fuel Cells represent the future of sailing because they have essentially zero environmental impact without giving up on performance for a lively and high-speed navigation.

Vessels equipped with Fuel Cells can produce electricity powered by hydrogen or methanol to sail without noise, smell, smoke or vibrations.