At the forefront of technology and development

Founded in 1971 in Monopoli, in the province of Bari, in southern Italy, AS Labruna is a company specialised in three different business units: Marine, Power and Loading.

Marine is the entity that produces and markets marine engines and generators, marine propulsion systems and marine cranes. The business includes marine engines capable of guaranteeing high performance with zero impact – this is AS Labruna’s E-vision, the maritime future that includes the Full Electric line with 100% electric propulsion, the Hybrid Systems for hybrid diesel-electric navigation, and the Fuel Cells with hydrogen and methanol as a fuel.

Power is the unit dedicated to the designing and merchandising of industrial diesel engines, for vehicles and generator sets; the Loading unit deals with the merchandising and installation of cranes, loaders for trucks and aerial platforms.

Besides its line of products, AS Labruna is also the official distributor of FPT Industrial, FNM Marine and VM Motori for diesel engines and generator sets, Ing. Bonfiglioli for cranes.

Three strategic areas of action hosting different professional figures who are specialised in each individual intervention sector. The final target, which unites the individual units, is the attainment of the client’s full satisfaction: thanks to the customisation of production phases, to the experience gained over 45 years of activity, to the on-going and vital devolpment of each sector and an efficient support service, AS Labruna proves to be a solid and reliable company, whose performances and safety have become its distinctive values.

“We are power, we are control, we are elevation and energy: we are powerload“.

Four strategic action areas.

Innovation in command

AS Labruna MARINE: a Business Unit dedicated to marine engines and electrogen groups, Hydropack propulsion systems.
Full steam ahead: by your side out at sea.


Beating heart of the machine

AS Labruna POWER: a Business Unit dedicated to agricultural and industrial diesel engines and to electrogen groups.
The beating heart in agriculture and industry.


Up to the job

AS Labruna LOADING: a Business Unit dedicated to cranes, loaders and aerial platforms.
Elevation and Power in aerial work.


Earth safe inspired

E-Vision AS Labruna is born, a business unit that embodies our nautical vision of the future: Full Electric line, Hybrid System, Fuel Cell.