The future of the nautical sector starts from the Apulian region

Our daily main goal is to preserve our sea environment, that’s our look towards the future. AS hybrid systems represent a clear idea of innovation: Hydropack Hybrid, the new integrated boat propulsion system, and Blue Hybrid System CMD offer a concrete answer to everyone looking for solutions to navigate across our seas by using diesel / electric systems in order to respect the sea environment at the same time.

Abbattimento dei consumi, riduzione delle emissioni gassose e dei livelli di fumosità, abbattimento delle vibrazioni e del rumore sono solo alcuni dei vantaggi di questi sistemi ibridi: avanti tutta, senza rinunciare alla giusta potenza di navigazione.


A new naval integrated propulsion system.

HYDROPACK HYBRID is an innovative integrated propulsion system which operates, through the hydrostatic transmission powered by diesel engines, the propulsion of the craft, the activation of fishing gears (windlasses, cranes, deck-wash pumps, bow thrusters, etc.), and the production of electric energy.

The engines used by HYDROPACK are efficient, technologically innovative and able to function at the best efficiency point (60-70% of the maximum number of revolutions) at constant speed, obtaining this way the optimal management of fuel injection and its 50% reduction compared with the traditional system; low emissions of Particolate and NOX; reduction of exhaust emissions; noise and vibration abatement; minimum operating and maintenance costs; optimal safety and life expectancy of the engine.

The system offers the possibility of combining in a single propulsion system the advantages of a diesel engine (speed, power and extended autonomy) and those of an electric motor (zero emissions, no noise and reduced wave motion). The boat can easily switch from one mode to another while it is in motion and also navigate through protected marine areas without causing any impact on the environment. During navigation by using the traditional diesel engine, the electric motor is able to generate electrical power, eliminating the necessity of waiting much time for recharging at the docks. The electrical engine can also have a booster function, to give more power to the main diesel engine.


A new system that combines diesel with electric.

The system puts together all advantages related to both diesel and electric engine: speed, power, wide operating time, zero emission, silence and reduced wave motion. Boat can easily switch from an operation mode to another while it is moving and can pass through marine protected areas without polluting.
Moreover, using traditional engine during navigation, the electric engine can produce power, resetting idle time due to recharge operation at the pier.