AS Labruna at the 50th edition of Nautic Sud

10-04-2024 | Company News

Presenting the first Neapolitan gozzo boat powered by electric hydrogen. This year's Nautic Sud features a major innovation. AS Labruna reaffirms its leadership in nautical innovation with the introduction of Futura II and Solemio, reimagining the traditional Neapolitan gozzo boat with a green perspective. Futura II is the world’s first hydrogen-powered gozzo. At 6.80 meters in length, the fiberglass vessel is driven by a 10 KW - 48 V electric pod, which also serves as a rudder. The autonomy comes from a 7 kWh lithium battery, weighing only 49 kg, recharged on board by two hydrogen fuel cells. The maximum speed is 7 knots, with an autonomy of about 12 hours at 5 knots, allowing for a total travel of 60 nautical miles. Accompanying Futura II is Solemio, another full-electric gozzo, powered by the E-power 10—a 70 kg box measuring 6.30 meters, containing a 10 kW - 48V electric motor, 5 kWh of lithium batteries, a charger, a dc-dc converter, and a freshwater/seawater cooling system. The maximum speed is about 7 knots with an autonomy of 20 miles at approximately 3 knots. "We are proud to participate in this edition of Nautic Sud, contributing to the energy transition journey of leisure and professional boating. We have been pioneers and today we continue to chart the course to navigate towards a future as crystalline as the waters of our sea".