AS Labruna at DPE

10-04-2024 | Company News

AS Labruna makes a successful debut at the DPE in Rimini, introducing groundbreaking innovations for sustainable mobility and energy transition. Rimini, Italy - February 27, 2024 - AS Labruna, in collaboration with its group companies LF, the official FPT Industrial distributor, and MOVe, the pioneering startup in the electrification of mobile means, aims to excite the audience with its first outstanding proposals at the DPE International Electricity Expo. For the first time together at this prestigious event, the group presents an exceptional range of innovative solutions that emphasize sustainability and energy efficiency. Among the standout products is a completely ecological 30 kW generator powered by methanol fuel cells, branded AS Labruna, which aims to capture attention for its eco-friendliness and advanced performance. Proudly presented is also the Power 80 Power Pack, acclaimed at Bauma last year, an 80 kW electric diesel module, underscoring the group's commitment to providing versatile and high-quality solutions. Another highlight of the exhibition is the 15T Fresia Metrocab, an all-electric creation by MOVe, demonstrating the group's boldness and determination in promoting large-scale electric mobility. To complete the exhibition offering, a 30 KVA group powered by HVO and motorized by FPT Industrial, branded LF, aims to emphasize the importance of generators as essential backup elements in the energy transition process. "We have reached a new milestone in our mission to be pioneers of sustainability and innovation," stated Massimo Labruna, CEO of AS Labruna, LF, and co-founder of MOVe. "We are determined to become game-changers in the terrestrial sector as well, continuing to lead the shift towards a greener, more efficient future." AS Labruna, LF, and MOVe anticipate an exciting future full of progress, driven by a passion for sustainability and a commitment to a better world.